These shoes possess one hundred years of history. They preserve each and every one of the secrets that have been handed down generation after generation. The virtuoso stitching technique, the comfortable geometry of the last, the pure classicism of their designs, the leather, the colours, the textures, the accuracy and the obsession for the perfect product.

Their origins go back to 1913, the date on which Andrés Sendra began manufacturing footwear from his small factory in Almansa, Spain, along with his brother and a small team of artisans. The Goodyear stitching that he employed for making both tough boots and dress shoes very soon earned him an outstanding reputation at the time.

International renown arrived after a couple of generations had built absolute confidence in the Sendra family’s working method, and some of the most symbolic fashion brands at home and abroad sought collaboration with the Spanish manufacturer

Now, Javier Sendra, his grandson and executive director of the company, wants to pay tribute to the great creator of the brand. He is launching Andrés Sendra Shoes as a way to pass on directly to the public all the wisdom and classic footwear design that his grandfather knew how to instil generation after generation.