Goodyear Stitching

In 1872, Charles Goodyear revolutionised the footwear sector with the invention of a sewing machine that made it easier to construct footwear by accelerating the stitching of the vamp and the welt of the shoe. It is a costly and handcrafted manufacturing method that requires human intervention, synonymous with a quality shoe. In fact, only the best manufacturers use this technique..

The Goodyear stitching or construction gives shoes genuine features such as durability, flexibility, comfort and insulation. Furthermore, it enables the soles to be repaired and replaced, a service that all the top brands offer and which is a crucial factor in their longevity. The Goodyear Welted handcrafted manufacturing method consists of double stitching: one Goodyear seam that joins the vamp to welt and insole; and another that joins the welt to the sole. There is a space between the outer sole and the sole or insole that is filled with the shank and with agglomerated cork, a detail that gives the foot comfort and adaptability, in addition to providing insulation from cold, dampness and heat.