These shoes have a hundred years of history. They preserve each and every one of the secrets that have been inherited from generation to generation. The virtuous technique of the sewing, the comfortable geometry of the last, the refined classicism of their designs, the leather, the dyes, the textures, the accuracy and the obsession for the perfect work. Its origin goes back to 1913, date in which ANDRÉS SENDRA began the manufacture of footwear from his small factory in Almansa, Spain, together with his brother and a small team of craftsmen. The goodyear stitching that he used both for the making of the sturdy boots and for the dress shoes gave him very soon a remarkable prestige at that time. After a couple of generations of building up absolute confidence in the Sendra family's way of working, international recognition arrived, and some of the most emblematic fashion brands both nationally and internationally requested the collaboration of the Spanish factory. Now, Javier Sendra, his grandson and executive director of the company, wants to pay tribute to the founder of the company and launches ANDRÉS SENDRA to offer directly to the public all the wisdom and design of classic footwear that his grandfather knew how to instill generation after generation.


All ANDRÉS SENDRA footwear is produced in Spain, specifically in Almansa (Albacete). ANDRÉS SENDRA was born in Valencia and moved to Almansa to start his business in 1913, a small footwear factory. Since then, the factory has been growing and changing its location to adapt to the needs of the moment, but at no time has it abandoned Almansa, much less its tradition.


We have been producing Goodyear Welt shoes for over 100 years, and our philosophy is to continue to maintain the highest quality standards as the past generations did. Just as we have been taught. We manufacture with high quality leathers. We use French calfskin, mainly from Tanneries du Puy and Annonay, and English splits from Charles F. Stead. The leather used for the soles comes from different Italian cities. In the production of each pair a great number of craftsmen intervene, making them unique and unrepeatable but at the same time susceptible to small variations associated with the craft. Our world is footwear, we are passionate about it, in ANDRÉS SENDRA the factory is the soul of all our designs, and right there we have our Showroom and our place of creation.