The lasts are an essential element, as they allow the footwear that has just been removed from the foot to shrink and dry to its ideal shape, although this only happens if you choose the more sober unvarnished ones. Varnishes may look more elegant, but they do not adequately remove moisture (i.e. sweat) from the shoe leather.

Just as we do, the big brands choose unfinished cedar models with a split forefoot and a full heel. This ensures the best possible fit between the shoe and the last.

Also, it is not necessary to have a pair of lasts for each pair of shoes. The important thing is to use them one or two hours after removing the shoe. After this time the shoe will return to its natural structure and the last can be removed.

Conditioning of leather shoes

Conditioning leather shoes serves to soften and moisturize the skin, as well as help protect against excessive dryness and cracking. Footwear made from certain types of leather or used in very dry climates may need to be conditioned more frequently. Some shoe cleaners clean and condition at the same time, but if you want to achieve a complete treatment or use a specific cleaning product, the next step is to condition your soft leather shoe. Of course, you will need a specific conditioner for each type of shoe.

Also, look for natural conditioners that are absorbed by the shoe material (we recommend SAPHIR), since synthetics sit on the surface. Scrub the shoe by applying small amounts of conditioner until the entire surface is covered with the product. As the absorption capacity of the leather is limited, remove the excess conditioner with a cloth after a couple of minutes.

Special skins - Suede

Suede shoes belong to a category of their own, since scratches cannot be removed. To remove small stains, use a suede eraser (it looks like a block of eraser that crumbles easily). Then use a suede brush to restore the velvety finish of the leather.

How to polish your shoes

Wipe the shoe with a damp cloth to remove dirt and surface stains.

2. Wet the swivel brush and clean the swivel by rubbing.

3. With a cotton cloth, apply the shoe polish (we recommend SAPHIR) and a few drops of water by rubbing in a circular motion. It is not necessary to use too much product, or to rub carefully, as the more you rub, the better. Wait about 30 minutes for the bitumen to dry.

4. Polish the whole shoe with a polishing brush. For a more intense shine, hold the shoe between your knees and vigorously polish the toe with a lint-free cloth.